Whereever You Go – There You Are

The era of social media has reached someone who has not been that keen on the virtual world. So, here I am, 27 year old artist, just starting to show my affection to literary bliss publicly. This blog is going to be about my philosophy on life, which for me travels around the arts like the planets around the Sun. I think it is not going to be too personal as there can possibly be nothing more intimate than the arts. In my works, I say it all.

I am going to write this blog when my baby sleeps or does his little human things, so it is all going to be a bit spantaneous, and I am not going to delete or edit anything afterwards: what has been is past. The history is recorded at the cells. I also make a pre-excuse in case there should be some grammar errors as I am not English by birth certificate (nor is English my mother tongue). I am as much Estonian as one can be (read more about it here).

Definitely Estonian, except for the sour cream (no sour cream, please) and talking to strangers (If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue, Or walk with Kings – nor lose the common touch, – R. Kipling), which is totally hot. Treat everyone as the most important person in the world and see what happens! The one who plays with words would be happy to add an “if” – if, they are interesting enough, but it is time to leave the irony behind.

This blog is going to have class and integrity.

And showing off because it is the year of a Rooster.

May you live with a purpose and visit my blog from time to time – http://www.liis.live




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