Story Of A Rooster – Why It Is Correct To Compromise

The other day, a friend told me he had a friend who was born in the year of a Rooster. And 2017 was the year of a Rooster. So my friend’s friend was sure, a Rooster was what he needed to have in his life, as a painting.

When an artist is asked to paint something, there will be a huge inside dilemma with echoes of many eras: “Is it right to picture something at request? It was not your idea even! Many people do what they are asked. What is the Rooster guilty for?” Months before, picturing phoenixes and birds of freedom was my own lightbulb, burning stronger than 60W.

It did get me thinking, and pretty much against my nature – that likes to cancel out everything less than perfect at a first glance. (Because the echoes of collective consciousness continue: “Estonian artists shall never compromise! It is the sign of weakness to “work for others”. You have to live alone in your own head. Even through tons of bricks. Because you know, the artists at Montmartre did it.”

…I understood it is no compromise. A good painter can paint anything (s)he wants, without losing his/her touch, and perhaps even should, if the object asked is not against the vision. An artist’s work is to serve people. To be the medium for the highest there is, and so to serve. Action shall take place in the name of the purpose.

Previously and preciously, the artist’s world has been a place where everything is allowed. Big egos, being eccentric, doing all the wrong things … Well, ways of deeds and global mentality have been changing (not since Mr. Dylan’s 60s, the times have been changing since the time began). Now is the era of giving.

The more you collaborate, the more talents you are about to receive. You have to share the knowledge and take part of someone else’s if you want to become smarter. Human beings are meant to live in a social environment. It is nice to serve people with your gifts and if you are the lucky one who can make somebody happy, why not?

So, here it comes. The Rooster of 2017, ready to go in the oven. 

The Rooster. 2017, oil on canvas, 100 x 80 cm

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