Story Of A Painting – Free Bird

One night, I saw a dream. I see a lot of dreams and more often than not, they are not something to be visually captured and repeated (what is painting other than saving a worthwhile event!). Their lives are the ones of dreams that come to an end with million bright ambassadors of morning.

This time, I woke up, knowing I have to paint the scenario. There was a lesson in the story I had to make into remembrance. What I had seen was visually captivating and it had a narrative! Not something that I always fancy (may the painting have beauty of its own, without rational thought nor words).

I was at a seaside by night. It was starting to get lighter. There was the smallest of beams as the moon started to rise. Right then, me and my friends noticed that above the sea level, the crown of the moon that was not yet to be seen, there were seven other moons. The Earth had alltogether eight companions!

What a discovery. At that moment, I felt like Christopher Columbus could have experienced at the few most profound times in his life. The loneliness got all shady and ripped away. There is nothing to be weary about; if and when one of the huge stones gets away, there are always others! How effing many lamps in the nightsky for the human crowd! But when the moon brought its light with it, the whole sky was covered in its highlight, so the fellow companions were not to be noticed anymore. No more bonding. Moral of the story: everything is much more interesting, when shown in half-tones, only parts of the nakedness to be added for the sight… Oh, but as no being can add uncovered truth, we can only layer by layer remove the unnecessary; until we find the peace to live with our outer selves at no questionable rate of seeming for others. This is the flow of life, with rolling open connections of multi-colored honesty in front of your very eyes. This thought sent me right awake.

So I did the moons, but while working, a phoenix wanted to take a leader role. I had to give it to the bird. As it is, while painting in a deep meditative state, I feel like I am just a medium, hands (are there just two?) and eyes to be used, so people can have more joy, beauty and meaning at their sight. I have an outstanding degree of stubbornness, but this I say: sometimes, a man has got to do what a man has got to do, and more often than not, it is letting go …or following through! The extraordinary will happen both ways.

Free Bird
. 2017, oil on canvas, 150 x 120 cm

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