Story Of A Painting – Niburu

Story of this painting started a long time ago. The artwork is still younger than Nibiru, home of the ancient Gods, though.

I started the painting in summer of 2013. The leaves were falling, the grass was wet. It was August. Impossible to protect the paint, trying to mark its first impressions, from the windy weather and tears of trees. I gave up and added (read: left) the leaves where they fell. I liked the result. 

I made the process into a short movie and it was shown at my solo exhibition in 2014 at Pärnu City Gallery in Estonia, together with the painting. After the passage of few years, I decided it is really hard (heavy, in fact!) to put a work of art into a box of glass, and the leaves would fall sooner or later from the painting as they had previously fallen from the tree.

To be in charge of it all, and not wanting to be responsible of the later result (for I could not possibly be responsible for something out of my control), I removed the dry medicine myself. The creator and the exterminator must be one. Shiva was showing up in me with her tiny almighty white fingertips.

As I do not want to waste any energy – all has been for a reason and stays there, where it is supposed to for the moment it is important, the process continued. In 2016 (as it is every year; as long as 23rd of June is eager to meet 24th of June) it was Midsummer’s Eve – a greatly celebrated event in Estonia. We make bonfires. “Lots of dead insects and drunk people all around – terrible event,” described a Buddhist monk. Here it is traditional and you can see outdoor fire everywhere. It looks almost uncivilized, perpetually raw and inviting.

I put my fire on canvas. The leaves were turned into dust that happens when the dead and flames full of life meet. Passions were pictured with violence that can only be seen in art. But still, it was not enough…

I saw a shape I needed to construct. It was a planetary nipple

So in Estonian, for the title, I mixed the two words, “nipple” (“nibu“) and “Nibiru” (the 12th planet in Sumerian literature), so they resulted in the sexy “Niburu”. If anyone comes across to a funny way of thinking, asking, why are artworks expensive, then one should think, how much would it cost – to stare at a piece of painting for three years? What is the worth of your time in this life? And more importantly, how to measure this equivalent in energy?   Because obviously, how we spend our days is not 1:1. 

There is tension in the air, and as all real deed does need preparation time, you could think about a three year long erection… That blows into the interstellar cloud of dust, Nebula. What a pleasure it is to watch, how the process of creation evolves, neverendingly. The spiral of understanding it is.

Have a happy Women’s Day, beloved comrades of mind, most gorgeous creatures in the world, and the others, men, who we live for. May goodwill ambassadors of all planets be blessed.

Niburu. 2016, oil on canvas, 120 x 100 cm

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