Love Is In The Air – Or In The Fantasy

We, artists need love like oxygen. In both ideal and non idyllic conditions we are wired to spread it like trees are making sugar out of photosynthesis. That is more than ideology, it is the nectar of gods we are sharing. 

All humans consume and create, but while many can accept having their needs met, we, visionaries, need partners for our microcosm to create a love form of its own. Worth all the drama. The cost of a great artwork. 

One does not understand unless one is ready to accept the truth, in loco and universal; until the subject is ripe like a warm yellow plum from the sapphire heaven of plums and understands that there is way beyond to what meets the eye, but what meets the eye remains the thing in front of the eye – and also this is very real. 

It all started way before Plato wrote his Symposium, where theory of every human being split into two halves by Zeus was most notably first mentioned. It travelled through rough times before Zeus and transformed into masterpieces by Rodin and now there is a new mythological concept – the Twin Flames. Well, it is all the same thing really. Love is all there is. And as my favourite rabbi, Dr. Abraham Twerski put it, love is to give, give, give (OK, BB King said the same thing!).

Unless the theme covers up your Achilles heel! A morbid weakness of a vision (Til Death Do Us Part) is no Manolo Blahnik to wear nor bear through life. Love is a verb. A doing word. If there is not the all beautiful two-sided act in the serious play, there is no other party to begin with. No shared dream to fight for at the barriers. Not everyone is a dreamer, not everyone is given the knowledge to recognise the Embrace of the Serpent. 

One has to see a thing for what it is or one could be blinded by a black spot that in the modern world – as every other thing – is labelled, categorised and diagnosed as a mental disease. It even has a name: the addiction of Love, and this thing is real. A foggy illusion more enjoyed in the tortured head, a misguided path our society has endured to develop behind the gorgeous curtains of romantic love. While plenty of people are illustrating how to connect with your other half, it is of an utmost importance to admit, that sometimes, you can actually live the dream thou are willing, if only you decide to start doing so in the Now. If you see yourself as the yellow, ripe plum. Warm as the smile of a springtime.

As always, be the Love you want in your life and spread Your FULL Light. Surround yourself only with the very best you deserve. And if you want something physical to stare at, that stares back at you with the same level of admiration, you can always check out my oil paintings of highest quality and good at – I promise, they are full of infatuation 👠💛☝🏻️

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