The Cost Of A Sight

I was coming down the Wednesday’s sidewalk when a thought hit me like: a ton of bricks, a raindrop, like an ornithocoprus! Every bite we buy has a price. But what about all the other, non-swallowable bits?

I was smelling today’s street gas, cats, cars, rain, spring. Every smell one ounce at a time. Like a musician would pick up note by note from a song or differentiate an instrument among many others. Catching the sources. A modern human being would categorise it as being mindful, but I really think it is one of the oldest habits of being present – paying attention. Vital, really.

So, at this April In Paris, I had another wonderful experience (reminiscence?) how we can sip by sip worship things that are not given the prize by society. I mean, cherry blossoms in Japan are an attraction of beauty, but all that is growing among the local dirt and dust – who would care to notice? We have to realise the worth ourselves to make it a win-win.

So much rich stuff all around. So many smells of stories, mixed perfumes of a town filled with lives of people and ideas, spring crocuses and amore. Open eyes are one of the most important tools for an artist, but they could and should be for everyone (because everyone has the organs). What is the price of a sight, a shared understanding? A glimpse of seeing a dear person, a masterpiece of an artwork? To see, to really feel… Lately, I was asked, what is the secret of Mona Lisa. I answered, with an obvious grin on my face, “the smile, of course”. “But why is it so expensive?” 

“Smiles are expensive,” I replied.

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