5 Things I Perceive Sharper. I Am An Artist.

Liis Koger. Tree Of Life Started From The Sea, 2017, oil on canvas, 90 x 60 cm

Liis Koger. Tree Of Life Started From The Sea. 2017, oil on canvas, 90 x 60 cm


At times when physicality-oriented lifestyle tips are everywhere, it is a necessary addition to give a short look out of this box to let your mind be out of survival mode (food, sleep, sex). I’ve put together five things everyone can learn from artists that don’t involve handwork, just to give you hints to feel more connected to everything that is (and isn’t) to keep you sane on a too face-paced world. 

1. Put Your Purpose Higher Than Your Habits 

There are no contradictions if and when you know what you want. The habits form, the behaviour serves the purpose. All works in harmony for your mission. But you have to have the mission first, it is not about having a lifestyle in place: important is finding the ‘why’ – that has kept people alive and sane in poorest of conditions. Energy affects outcomes, but outcomes carry the energy. The healthiest thing is not to put the physical body first as this is just the carrier of a message.

2. Do It Now

When the first sentence of a poem comes to my mind at 3am, I have to leave the warm bed. When an idea needs to be put on paper or canvas or I am in trance to finish the painting, I am giving birth – noone can stop coming it through. In a deep Soviet time when nobody could travel anywhere because of the Iron Curtain, an Estonian author was offered a trip to USA. He said ’no’ because his book was not finished. This is the real thing about a man who has got to do what a man has got to do.

3. Whatever You Think, You Are Right

If you think you cannot make it, you won’t cross the finish line. If you try, you might. If you seriously want, you will make it happen whatever comes your way. I’ve been doing things for 12 hours, stopping every 5 minutes, but I finish. When artists don’t have those perfect, expensive materials, we make something great out of crap. When Picasso didn’t have blue, he used green. You can make the best out of your life with willpower.

4. Live A Less Complicated Life

Simple acts of worshipping everyday are all-important. You don’t have to follow a sad-faced yogi or up your diet with the newest superfood. Practice cheap and real kindness everyday. Chants and scents are helping you here, but don’t look badly at people crossing your way, smoking in front of your child – that’s the only way they know how to deal with pain. You may not understand it now, but they most likely haven’t got the knowledge to deal with problems in a proper way. If you really believe everything is connected, you are one with that which changes like colours of the day.

5. Humbleness Leads To Happiness

Everything is temporary and you won’t be remembered. The form is just a form. The truth doesn’t have boundaries. The beauty of the world is available to everyone who can read this just equally. Get the priorities right. Take care of yourself without extremes. Expressing joy of life, just for being alive, should be your everyday prayer. If your dog is happier than your yoga teacher, the lovely animal could apply becoming a mentor at the local studio. Think where you find true meaning when everyday actions like diet and excercise are in place and you don’t need to think about them. What enriches your life?

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