Talking About Nice Things (Especially When Choosing Art)


Egg-timer Butterfly

Egg-timer Butterfly. 2016, oil on canvas, 186 x 143,5 cm


I think it is Post New Age now, the sign of it being crystals occupying even the most shop-floor festivals’ tents and corners. The Twinflame sagas in harmony with fat rebellious “Goddesses” (wearing stone crowns!) being mixed with drunk vegans smoking weed. This short post was inspired from the zoo, and it has a purpose. It is to remind you, that all the promising things are not an exit to a sweet escape in the end (you have to do the work yourself).

It is no secret that even the holy things are being made into businesses these days, but it is even more see-through when going to those market-festivals and seeing, close to finito, those torn out faces expressing nothing less than spleen — be it of low income, of communication with people or just life. Fact is, in that case, they don’t have the Power.

And then there are cig-smoking beef burger makers, smiles all over their faces.

I really want to remind that HOW YOU ARE is what matters, not the stupid, pointless pink cloud you are thinking you are on when acting X or Y. There are no necessary things to “be” or “do” that have social or mythological meaning. (Read: explanation that gives you right whether you are wrong or not.) [Or makes you a better person, sic!] There is just no greater controversy than…

Choosing something that looks beautiful, but deep within, it is made in purpose of wrong reasons (nothing wrong with making money by itself e.g., worse being too long, forced working hours!) as the materials can’t convey any message through a non-forceful source. The thought — or meditation — matters. You have to recognise the energy of the object you see.

If a thing doesn’t have strength, it has nothing to give.

So as a weak person just doesn’t have much to share, even if (s)he wants to.

That is what I needed to bring into remembrance this evening, also when choosing art.

Choose wise and choose strong. There is hierarchy in nature — for a reason.


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