Day In The Life Of An Artist (And Single Creative Mom)

I tried to put the ‘Creative’ in Italics, but the topic cannot be Italic.
Maybe there is no reason for the word to be.

I wanted to describe what the day of a not-doing-much-creatives looks like.

5.00: wake up, think, read, prepare and write the blog post.
7.00: baby wakes up, we eat, I make him even more beautiful &
8.20: take him to the childcare (2 days a week, 300 euros per month)
9.00: have to visit the supermarket to be forced not to forget about eating (and cleaning)
9.30: make, edit and put new photos of paintings available on homepage and other places
10.30: leave for an educative talk for entrepreneurs at Viru Conference Centre
12.20: at library for learning about brand export, patent, and legal timelines; comparing articles of associations etc // half way there //
13.20: baby became weepy and grippy, had to be brought back from childcare and all other plans cancelled.
14.20: new plan: painting: new works to be made and weaker old ones to be continued (there’ll be another post about that one because growing dissatisfaction is good for culture)
…that continues throughout the day, together with regime of cleaning, cooking and playing, because you never know what the next moment demands.

Definitely you need to have several full attentions.

Definitely you have to stop your very bright ideas at their best moments.
With the ability to continue whenever you can.

That trial might end the same way. 10 times. (Jesus could say, 100 000 times that is!)

Definitely you need full concentration on every aspect of the two main attention acquirers at the same time and the gills of nerves made in iron. (No, that doesn’t work: the steel was hard-bitten.)
You have to learn how to stay calm in this rat race.

Well, I feel my best in doing so, at least better than ever before. Now is the time,

and the time, of course, the Time is pretty creative.

must mesi ja õied. 2015-2017, õli, lõuend, 80 x 60 cm

Black Honey And Blossoms. 2015-2017. Oil on canvas, 80 x 60 cm.

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