Talking About Nice Things (Especially When Choosing Art)


Egg-timer Butterfly

Egg-timer Butterfly. 2016, oil on canvas, 186 x 143,5 cm


I think it is Post New Age now, the sign of it being crystals occupying even the most shop-floor festivals’ tents and corners. The Twinflame sagas in harmony with fat rebellious “Goddesses” (wearing stone crowns!) being mixed with drunk vegans smoking weed. This short post was inspired from the zoo, and it has a purpose. It is to remind you, that all the promising things are not an exit to a sweet escape in the end (you have to do the work yourself).

It is no secret that even the holy things are being made into businesses these days, but it is even more see-through when going to those market-festivals and seeing, close to finito, those torn out faces expressing nothing less than spleen — be it of low income, of communication with people or just life. Fact is, in that case, they don’t have the Power.

And then there are cig-smoking beef burger makers, smiles all over their faces.

I really want to remind that HOW YOU ARE is what matters, not the stupid, pointless pink cloud you are thinking you are on when acting X or Y. There are no necessary things to “be” or “do” that have social or mythological meaning. (Read: explanation that gives you right whether you are wrong or not.) [Or makes you a better person, sic!] There is just no greater controversy than…

Choosing something that looks beautiful, but deep within, it is made in purpose of wrong reasons (nothing wrong with making money by itself e.g., worse being too long, forced working hours!) as the materials can’t convey any message through a non-forceful source. The thought — or meditation — matters. You have to recognise the energy of the object you see.

If a thing doesn’t have strength, it has nothing to give.

So as a weak person just doesn’t have much to share, even if (s)he wants to.

That is what I needed to bring into remembrance this evening, also when choosing art.

Choose wise and choose strong. There is hierarchy in nature — for a reason.


The Cost Of A Sight

I was coming down the Wednesday’s sidewalk when a thought hit me like: a ton of bricks, a raindrop, like an ornithocoprus! Every bite we buy has a price. But what about all the other, non-swallowable bits?

I was smelling today’s street gas, cats, cars, rain, spring. Every smell one ounce at a time. Like a musician would pick up note by note from a song or differentiate an instrument among many others. Catching the sources. A modern human being would categorise it as being mindful, but I really think it is one of the oldest habits of being present – paying attention. Vital, really.

So, at this April In Paris, I had another wonderful experience (reminiscence?) how we can sip by sip worship things that are not given the prize by society. I mean, cherry blossoms in Japan are an attraction of beauty, but all that is growing among the local dirt and dust – who would care to notice? We have to realise the worth ourselves to make it a win-win.

So much rich stuff all around. So many smells of stories, mixed perfumes of a town filled with lives of people and ideas, spring crocuses and amore. Open eyes are one of the most important tools for an artist, but they could and should be for everyone (because everyone has the organs). What is the price of a sight, a shared understanding? A glimpse of seeing a dear person, a masterpiece of an artwork? To see, to really feel… Lately, I was asked, what is the secret of Mona Lisa. I answered, with an obvious grin on my face, “the smile, of course”. “But why is it so expensive?” 

“Smiles are expensive,” I replied.

Love Is In The Air – Or In The Fantasy

We, artists need love like oxygen. In both ideal and non idyllic conditions we are wired to spread it like trees are making sugar out of photosynthesis. That is more than ideology, it is the nectar of gods we are sharing. 

All humans consume and create, but while many can accept having their needs met, we, visionaries, need partners for our microcosm to create a love form of its own. Worth all the drama. The cost of a great artwork. 

One does not understand unless one is ready to accept the truth, in loco and universal; until the subject is ripe like a warm yellow plum from the sapphire heaven of plums and understands that there is way beyond to what meets the eye, but what meets the eye remains the thing in front of the eye – and also this is very real. 

It all started way before Plato wrote his Symposium, where theory of every human being split into two halves by Zeus was most notably first mentioned. It travelled through rough times before Zeus and transformed into masterpieces by Rodin and now there is a new mythological concept – the Twin Flames. Well, it is all the same thing really. Love is all there is. And as my favourite rabbi, Dr. Abraham Twerski put it, love is to give, give, give (OK, BB King said the same thing!).

Unless the theme covers up your Achilles heel! A morbid weakness of a vision (Til Death Do Us Part) is no Manolo Blahnik to wear nor bear through life. Love is a verb. A doing word. If there is not the all beautiful two-sided act in the serious play, there is no other party to begin with. No shared dream to fight for at the barriers. Not everyone is a dreamer, not everyone is given the knowledge to recognise the Embrace of the Serpent. 

One has to see a thing for what it is or one could be blinded by a black spot that in the modern world – as every other thing – is labelled, categorised and diagnosed as a mental disease. It even has a name: the addiction of Love, and this thing is real. A foggy illusion more enjoyed in the tortured head, a misguided path our society has endured to develop behind the gorgeous curtains of romantic love. While plenty of people are illustrating how to connect with your other half, it is of an utmost importance to admit, that sometimes, you can actually live the dream thou are willing, if only you decide to start doing so in the Now. If you see yourself as the yellow, ripe plum. Warm as the smile of a springtime.

As always, be the Love you want in your life and spread Your FULL Light. Surround yourself only with the very best you deserve. And if you want something physical to stare at, that stares back at you with the same level of admiration, you can always check out my oil paintings of highest quality and good at – I promise, they are full of infatuation 👠💛☝🏻️

The Picture I Have Painted Forever

Blue Embrace.jpg

Blue Embrace. 2017, oil on canvas, 120 x 100 cm


They say, every author continues to repeat the theme important for him/her lifelong.

The topic starts like a tree. From a seed. Grows towards the light. A real heliotrope. Finds his ways to multiply via branches, to find even more ways to reach, just one more possibility to arrive, to be there… where the light is.


Until the seed is just a little closer to the Sun.

Then it is time to change the topic and reincarnate.

Just to repeat the story once again. To learn Love…again.


Green Embrace.jpg

Green Embrace. 2016, oil on canvas, 70 x 70 cm

Story Of A Rooster – Why It Is Correct To Compromise

The other day, a friend told me he had a friend who was born in the year of a Rooster. And 2017 was the year of a Rooster. So my friend’s friend was sure, a Rooster was what he needed to have in his life, as a painting.

When an artist is asked to paint something, there will be a huge inside dilemma with echoes of many eras: “Is it right to picture something at request? It was not your idea even! Many people do what they are asked. What is the Rooster guilty for?” Months before, picturing phoenixes and birds of freedom was my own lightbulb, burning stronger than 60W.

It did get me thinking, and pretty much against my nature – that likes to cancel out everything less than perfect at a first glance. (Because the echoes of collective consciousness continue: “Estonian artists shall never compromise! It is the sign of weakness to “work for others”. You have to live alone in your own head. Even through tons of bricks. Because you know, the artists at Montmartre did it.”

…I understood it is no compromise. A good painter can paint anything (s)he wants, without losing his/her touch, and perhaps even should, if the object asked is not against the vision. An artist’s work is to serve people. To be the medium for the highest there is, and so to serve. Action shall take place in the name of the purpose.

Previously and preciously, the artist’s world has been a place where everything is allowed. Big egos, being eccentric, doing all the wrong things … Well, ways of deeds and global mentality have been changing (not since Mr. Dylan’s 60s, the times have been changing since the time began). Now is the era of giving.

The more you collaborate, the more talents you are about to receive. You have to share the knowledge and take part of someone else’s if you want to become smarter. Human beings are meant to live in a social environment. It is nice to serve people with your gifts and if you are the lucky one who can make somebody happy, why not?

So, here it comes. The Rooster of 2017, ready to go in the oven. 

The Rooster. 2017, oil on canvas, 100 x 80 cm

Whereever You Go – There You Are

The era of social media has reached someone who has not been that keen on the virtual world. So, here I am, 27 year old artist, just starting to show my affection to literary bliss publicly. This blog is going to be about my philosophy on life, which for me travels around the arts like the planets around the Sun. I think it is not going to be too personal as there can possibly be nothing more intimate than the arts. In my works, I say it all.

I am going to write this blog when my baby sleeps or does his little human things, so it is all going to be a bit spantaneous, and I am not going to delete or edit anything afterwards: what has been is past. The history is recorded at the cells. I also make a pre-excuse in case there should be some grammar errors as I am not English by birth certificate (nor is English my mother tongue). I am as much Estonian as one can be (read more about it here).

Definitely Estonian, except for the sour cream (no sour cream, please) and talking to strangers (If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue, Or walk with Kings – nor lose the common touch, – R. Kipling), which is totally hot. Treat everyone as the most important person in the world and see what happens! The one who plays with words would be happy to add an “if” – if, they are interesting enough, but it is time to leave the irony behind.

This blog is going to have class and integrity.

And showing off because it is the year of a Rooster.

May you live with a purpose and visit my blog from time to time –